Fresh Encounters With God

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Experience spiritual renewal and the power of God's love through Fresh Encounters - a workable one-year Bible reading plan. Fresh Encounters is a one year Bible Reading Plan developed by Pastor Dick Germaine. It is a unique plan in that you read the Bible in chronological fashion, that is, the time-line order in which the books were written. For example, you read the work of a given prophet at the same time you read the life of the King(s) to/about whom he prophesied. Each day, your reading assignments are outlined for you and each week provides valuable insights to the reading that ties the Bible reading to current day situations. Pastor Dick has also built in "grace" weeks to allow you to catch up on your reading if you fall behind. Some of the results you will experience include: Wonderful experiences of encountering God. A fresh and deeper appreciation for the Bible. A clearer grasp than ever before of its major themes. A much better understanding of how closely connected are the Old and New Testaments. You will see the world around you more as God sees it. You will be strengthened and encouraged by the promises He has made in Scripture. You will realize anew how deeply your Heavenly Father yearns to have a personal and intimate relationship with you.


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