Pastors-SmilingWhat can you do to encourage your pastor?

  • Pray- and let your pastor know you’re praying.
  • Don’t just say “good sermon.” Let your pastor know how God is teaching you.
  • Send a note of encouragement.
  • Unexpected gifts: Starbucks, Amazon, etc.
  • Remember birthdays, anniversaries for pastor and family.
  • Send your pastor and spouse to a retreat (
  • Encourage your pastor to be part of a John 17:23 Pastors’ Group.  


We asked pastors what made them feel appreciated:

“When people give me honest feedback on how the message spoke to them, or how they acted on it in the recent past, or how it encouraged them to lean into the heart of God more. I long to see hungry hearts for God and His LIFE and how God meets us and takes us in greater depth of intimacy with Him through that hunger.”

“I know a pastor who felt much appreciated by receiving a sabbatical month each year.”

“Many people walk out the door and say "great message" but it means so much when someone tells me how it spoke to them or that they have been applying what they heard. Also, I have received several wonderful notes recently expressing gratitude for my ministry. It only takes a moment, but means so much!”

“When people tell me about something I said or did that God used in their life to encourage their faith or make them aware of God's active presence in their lives.”

“I feel appreciated when people show a desire for teaching from the word of God.  It makes the effort feel worthwhile.”