Intercession is woven into every aspect of Barnabas Ministries. There are different levels of prayer opportunities depending upon your time, giftedness, and interest.

Monthly Prayer Partner -Electronic prayer letters are sent at the beginning of each month highlighting a few key events or situations that need prayer coverage. Updates from the previous month's requests are always provided.

If you have a heart for pastors and can commit to praying a few times over the course of a month, this would be a fit for you.

PeoplePrayingWeekly Intercessor -On Sundays, an electronic prayer letter is sent to a core group of intercessors. This letter provides details on situations, meetings, or events that need prayer for the coming week. It also includes longer term significant events or situations that need prayer. Updates from the previous week's requests are always provided.

Although names and specific information are omitted, these weekly prayer letters are considered confidential in nature. As such, those who have a gift of intercession and a heart for pastors should contact us to become a part of this core group of intercessors.

Short Term Prayer Assignments -Different opportunities come up throughout the year to provide prayer coverage for a pastor, his/her family, and ministry for a short time or for a specific purpose. For example, whenever Barnabas Ministries hosts a retreat or holds a seminar, prayer coverage is needed and solicited. We have seen significant improvement in attendance and outcome of these types of events when they are undergirded in prayer.

If you have a heart for pastors, a gift of intercession, and your schedule is such that a short-term assignment fits, consider joining our prayer team for such assignments!

Pastors Prayer Outpost - Each Friday, intercessors gather to pray for specific prayer requests provided by pastors. If you have the gift of intercession and a heart for pastors and are available on Friday mornings, this may be a fit for you. Requests submitted are considered confidential in nature and cannot be shared outside of the prayer time.

For more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..