Our Lord Jesus has raised up the John 17:23 Pastoral Support Group movement to be a relational haven of hope, help, encouragement, renewal and unity for His chosen, anointed, and gifted servant-leaders. These groups are places where we can find acceptance, understanding, support, relationship, love, appreciation, respect and accountability.

The Lord Jesus never sent anyone out to do ministry alone, for serving alone is a sure formula for failure and defeat. Our desire is that pastors and Christian leaders who become involved in a fellowship group will see themselves as a part of God’s pastoral team, not in competition with one another but as co-workers in the one body of Christ which just happens to meet in many different places.

We believe that as we seek this kind of unity and mutuality of support, which our Lord Jesus himself prayed for, we are preparing ourselves, our churches, and our regions for a mighty working of the Holy Spirit. Our vision is to offer this ministry to every believing pastor and Christian leader and see it spread over our nation.

3 Key Objectives of a John 17:23 Pastoral Support Group


We make our groups a place where:

  • We can be transparent.
  • We can safely process our personal and church issues.
  • We can share our hearts without concern about power dynamics at play, or fear of criticism, judgment, or other repercussions from what we say.
  • We practice strict confidentiality with all that’s shared.


  • We accept each other for who we are in Christ, not on the basis of pastoral position, ministry size, denomination, gifting, etc.
  • We accept each other as we are without demanding, expecting, or forcing change.
  • We practice openness and honesty with each other concerning our own life and struggles.
  • When needed we confront one another in love rather than go to a third party with our complaints.
  • We seek counsel from one another.
  • We are willing to be held accountable by the members of the group for our conduct as pastors and followers of Christ.  


  • We affirm one another rather than compete with one another.
  • We listen to each another, cry with each another, and lift each other up rather than tear each other down.
  • We pray with and for each other.

We give public support to each other and each other’s ministries.

Please contact us if you are interested in a John 17:23 Pastoral Support Group in your area.

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