DickGermaine bio

Pastor Dick Germaine
Barnabas Ministries –
MetroWest Regional Director

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Pastor Dick Germaine has been in pastoral ministry for over 46 years, having pastored the First Congregational Church, Hopkinton, Massachusetts, for 30 years. He began the first John 17:23 Pastoral Support Group in 1992 and slowly developed several others while still pastoring a growing congregation. He formed Barnabas Ministries, Inc. in September 2002 and began a full-time ministry to pastors in January, 2003. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Fuller Theological Seminary, where he earned a Doctorate of Ministry degree. His passion is to serve pastors in every possible way in order that they might better succeed in the work to which our heavenly Father has called them.

Barnabas Ministries MetroWest Region, the original Regional Center, is located in east-central New England with the majority of our 30 present groups located in an area bounded by Worcester on the west, Route 95 on the east, the Rhode Island border on the South, and the New Hampshire border on the north. We also have a group in western Massachusetts and one in southeastern Vermont. We have two in New Hampshire. We have new groups coming into being on a regular basis.

Some of our periodic regional events are prayer gatherings for pastors located in different parts of our area, an annual gift a day where we provide a breakfast and full catered lunch plus a speaker as a free gift to pastors in our area, an annual spring retreat, an annual seminar on developing leadership in the local church called Deacon/Elders in the 21st Century Church, and an annual Celebration Dinner where we celebrate the good things taking place in pastors lives and ministries as a result of their connection with Barnabas Ministries. We have other one time only events as the need and opportunity arises.

Locations of existing groups:

Franklin Hopkinton (2) Lancaster
Metro West Group Natick Northbridge
Houlton (2) Brattleboro bi-vocational group