Dan Korzep, Merrimack Valley Regional Director

Dan Korzep
Barnabas Ministries –
Merrimack Valley

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"I want to do everything possible to help hurting pastors and their families."

Pastors in the Merrimack Valley often complain about discouragement and conflict in their churches. Many Pastors come to the area expecting success in the ministry, but leave the area with a sense of defeat. 

It is Pastor Dan's desire to be used by God to turn this situation around. He has partnered with Barnabas Ministries to encourage and equip pastors for 21st century minstry, and help them connect with one another. By making a difference in pastors' lives, he believes God can make a difference in the lives of the churches and the communities in Merrimack Valley. 

John 17:23 Pastoral Support Groups provide pastors with a place of safety and security.  Pastors can share their deepest concerns without fear or judgment or competition. Pastor Dan's desire is to build trust among pastors within the Merrimack Valley.

The Merrimack Valley Regional Center includes Northeastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Presently there are five groups in the Merrimack Valley with around 18 pastors. There are many opportunities to help and encourage pastors.

Pastor Dan and his leadership team provide pastors with helpful seminars and regional prayer meetings.  Pastor Dan is also available to counsel and mentor pastors on a one to one level.  But Pastor Dan's main focus is to multiply the number of John 17:23 Pastoral Support Groups so that pastors can be strengthened, encouraged, and fulfill the call that God has placed on their lives.
Merrimack Valley
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