The Regional Directors for Barnabas Ministries write these Pastors4Pastors articles for pastors that are part of John 17:23 Pastoral Support Groups. Our desire is to provide encouragement for pastors through brief insights and challenges.  Each monthly article is a highlight of what we have in these pastor support groups which can never be found alone.  They also serve as a challenge and reminder for pastors to make our groups an even better environment in which the Holy Spirit can guide and fashion us to be all we have been called to be as leaders in the body of Christ, in these challenging times.

TwoCoffeeCupsPastors4Pastors articles:

I'm Never Going Back to that Church

The Hazards of Comparison

Pastors Are Real People 

Why Do People Leave Your Church?

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

How is it With Your Soul?

Solution for Compassion Fatigue Found in Self-Care

The Highs and Lows of Your Calling 

God's Unchanging Purpose for the Church

Are You Afraid of Rest?

Monday Musings

The Nebuchadnezzer Trap

Get Connected

Such a Time As This

The Privilege of the Pulpit

Lenten Listening

No Regrets

It's All About the Kingdom

Authentic Relationships The Key!

Crucial Crossroads

"Thanks, Adam!"

Ashley Madison - Why Pastors Fall Into Sexual Sin

Journey Into Prayer

I Need to Delegate More

Withering or Weathering


Faithful Servants

The Parson

Point People to Jesus

Trace View or Mountain View?

Hoke and Hope: On the Hot Seat of Expectations

How to be Kingdom Minded

"What If?" or "Even If?"

Is There Something Missing? 

Waging Peace

Friendly Fire

Maintaining Purity

The Twenty Five Year Club

Is It Time to Move On


It's In There

The God of Second-Chance Leaders

Between a Dog and a Goat

Lessons in Leadership

Hit the Pause Button

Ministry and Your Marriage

Surviving and Thriving in Ministry

Safety Nets

In the Shadow of Greatness - Lessons Learned at Lake Sakakawea

Why I Believe in Christian Accountability

The Itch of Discontent

Church Politics and the Pastor

He Came With Us

Presenting Ourselves Approved - A Challenge for 2013

When You Feel Like A Failure

Spiritual Health and Fitness - How To Get It

A Mistress Called Ministry

Treasure and Clay

Pastoral Expectations

The Privilege of Serving

Overcoming Loneliness

A Moral Failure

Isolation vs. Pastor to Pastor Ministry

Fueled and Aflame

Rest Time is not Wasted Time

What Makes a Pastors Group Succeed

When God Seems Small