Regional Centers

Barnabas Ministries developed the concept of Regional Centers in order to serve the needs of pastors beyond what takes place in an individual John 17:23 Pastoral Support Group.  A regional center is a geographical area within which there are a sufficient number of John 17:23 Pastoral Support Groups (3 - 4 or more) which enables them to bring the pastors of the groups together to connect, encourage, and equip them for more effective pastoral ministry. 

The purpose of a Regional Center is to bring the pastors of an area together to build relationships with one another, receive insights and challenges from proven leaders in the community, learn from, and support and encourage one another in their area with the result that the body of Christ becomes more unified in purpose and makes a greater impact with the gospel in their region.

Regional events can be as varied as the challenges, needs, and desires of the pastors in the region.  Experience has shown that a maximum of 4 - 5 a year is all today's busy pastors can handle.  If prayerfully and well planned, these events will significantly enrich the life and ministry of pastors who are involved.  Barnabas Ministries - Central New England plans 2 - 3 hour events year such as:

  • Offer a gathering for worship and prayer.
  • Invite a speaker to present an assigned subject and lead a discussion of a facet of pastoral ministry, personal life, church issues, etc.
  • Interact around a CD message or video presentation of a particular subject relevant to pastors followed by questions that lead to further discussion, sharing of insights, experiences, etc.
  • Invite a pastor of one of the groups to speak on a subject/issue of particular insight or experience.

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